Saturday, April 6, 2013

Moving forward...

Some of the test results came back from the Mayo Clinic.  It is a cancerous tumor and when a bit more info comes in they will make up a specific care plan for Meg.

As for now she is staying positive and still in recovery mode.  At this point Meg will take on whatever comes her way and keep moving forward.

Thank you all for your support and love, it truly has bouyied Meg.  As you know so much of getting through an illness is staying positive and surrounding yourself with positive, caring people.  Meg is so grateful to live in this community where there has been a wonderful support system that surrounded her. 

There may not be another update for a while, as Meg is recovering well and will embark on the next part of her journey.  Please keep Meg in your thoughts and Prayers.  Thank you!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Meg is going home!

She recovered so fast and is feeling really well so she is going home!!

Here we are...

I know that we are all anxious now to hear what the next step for Meg is.  This is where we stand:

A section of the tumor has been sent off to the Mayo Clinic for further testing.  We should get some initial results in a few days, and then more specific results a couple of days following that.

The way that Dr. Lerch (Meg's dad) explained it to me is, " we have the tumor, now we have to find out it's make, model and year."  Then the doctors will be able to make a specific care plan for Meg. 

At this point it could be anywhere from
    a) the tumor is out and is not the kind to have traveled elsewhere in the brain and Meg will just get periodic MRIs to make sure there is no recurrence.
             - to-
    b) It is an aggressive tumor and Meg starts hammering back with the best cancer treatments there are. 

It is really really really hard to just wait, but for now that's what we do.  Meg has had a GREAT surgery (Thank you Dr. Brewington) and is recovering fantastically. 

Now we just wait, stay positive and know that whatever comes, Meg will be able to approach it with her same positive attitude and with all of us to keep her afloat.

Thanks so much for keeping Meg in your thoughts, and keep it up!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Great Recovery!

Meg is pretty much a super hero and is moving out of ICU right now.  She will be moved into Room 413 and can have visitors this afternoon.  Please be cautious and limit your time so she doesn't get too tired though! Even Super Man took naps...

Meg really is having a great recovery, she was able to eat a bagel for breakfast and there is very little swelling.  She sat up and is totally with it. 

Thanks friends and family for all of the support!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meg is out of surgery!!!

   Everything went well and she is in Recovery.  She will be able to move into intensive care in an hour or two.  No visitors until tomorrow. 
    The hospital couldn't draw a conclusion as to whether the tumor is malignant or not; they will send it to the Mayo and find out in a couple of days.
     The surgeon said everything went smoothly and as well as it could have!!!


The latest:
    Everything is going well.  They have removed a section of the tumor and will send it to the lab to be evaluated.  They should learn more in the next hour or two.
     Going well!!!! 

Gettin' Busy...

Meg went in for Pre-Op stuff at 7 this morning.  (As far as I could tell all they did was put Cherios all over her face.)  She is unstoppably positive.  She looked great.  Meg is ready to do what needs to be done and do it with all her might (which is considerable.)
Anders, Heidi, Lee, Carol and Tim were by her side all morning. 
We won't hear anything until later this afternoon but I PROMISE to update ASAP.  Keep those spirits high and send positive thoughts.